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A revolution begins with a spark, and for me, that spark was EHM. Out of sheer determination and a desire to showcase my sound, EHM became my response to the doors that remained closed. The Swanage Carnival & Regatta partnered with us to create more than just an event, they also birthed a phenomenon.

Every year, EHM brought Swanage alive, bringing thousands to its centre. Marking a decade of triumph, EHM wasn’t just a stage for me; it was a testament to self-belief, to the magic of music, and the joy of community.

Every EHM event was a new chapter in a story about perseverance and passion. In addition to hosting many local artists and some international stars, what started as a project to gain recognition in the music industry became a staple event for a 125-year-old carnival that not only embodied the town’s annual theme but was also a unique event that created a sense of community through its uniqueness.

In my little space on the internet, I want to thank everyone who contributed, including the Carnival team, the stage light and sound guys, the volunteers and security crew, the artist, the performers and entertainers, my family and friends, and of course the attendees.

Thank you

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