Welcome to my website! I’m DaniCW (aka Daniel Calvo-Westcott), a DJ and producer based in Bournemouth. I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by to explore my music and journey. As a self-made artist, I’ve been fortunate to gain incredible support from several influential figures in the music industry. My passion for DJing laid the foundation for my production skills, leading me to perform at numerous festivals and clubs throughout the south of the UK, including Bournemouth 7’s, EHM Events, Sakura, Qube, Bar One, and many more.

My sound is characterised by uplifting pianos and catchy vocal hooks, creating tracks that radiate feel-good energy. With over 2 million streams across all digital platforms, my music has resonated with both club-goers and radio listeners. I’m proud to have released high-quality music on major labels such as Good Company, Love & Other, Sinister Sounds, and Solotoko. Supported by Spotify and Apple Music, my tracks continue to reach new audiences, and 2024 promises even greater things.

I’ve been fortunate to have my music featured on major radio stations like BBC Radio One, Kiss FM, and Capital Dance, and even on the popular TV show Celebs Go Dating. It’s incredibly humbling to receive support from fans and some of the biggest names in Dance Music, including Scott Mills, Judge Jules, Ben Malone, Bingo Players, Mike Williams, and Hardwell. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you love the music as much as I love creating it. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and releases!



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House Hustle is a dedicated platform designed to support and showcase emerging artists by providing them with an opportunity to submit their music for consideration. Our submission page is completely free and aims to discover fresh, innovative talent within the music industry. Each week, selected tracks are curated and added to my weekly playlist, offering new artists the chance to reach a broader audience and gain valuable exposure.

For those artists who truly stand out with exceptional music, there is an additional opportunity to be featured on my monthly list of tunes for SELECT Radio. Broadcasting on DAB across London and the rest of the UK, SELECT Radio is renowned for its eclectic mix and high-quality programming. By being included in this monthly list, artists can gain significant recognition and airplay, helping to elevate their careers to new heights. House Hustle is committed to nurturing new talent and providing a valuable platform for artists to thrive.


A revolution begins with a spark; for me, that spark was EHM. Out of sheer determination and a desire to showcase my sound, EHM became my response to the doors that remained closed. The Swanage Carnival & Regatta partnered with us to create more than just an event, they also birthed a phenomenon.Every year, EHM brought Swanage alive, bringing thousands to its centre. Marking a decade of triumph, EHM wasn’t just a stage for me; it was a testament to self-belief, to the magic of music, and the joy of community. Every EHM event was a new chapter in a story about perseverance and passion. In addition to hosting many local artists and some international stars, what started as a project to gain recognition in the music industry became a staple event for a 125-year-old carnival that not only embodied the town’s annual theme but was also a unique event that created a sense of community through its uniqueness. In my little space on the internet, I want to thank everyone who contributed, including the Carnival team, the stage light and sound guys, the volunteers and security crew, the artist, the performers and entertainers, my family and friends, and of course the attendees.

I've had the opportunity to work with so many talented artists over the year and often they start of as my clients,